Puglia (Italy)

Puglia is a region in southern Italy with more than 4 M people. Puglia aims at improving the living standards of elderly and disabled people, so that they can live an active and self-sufficient life; in this perspective, the challenge of an ageing population is being  tackled by promoting the introduction of sustainable and integrated health and social care models and by involving local industries to stimulate business opportunities and competitiveness.

The Reference Use Cases piloted in Puglia PS:

  • Lifestyle-related early detection and interventions: Big Data Analytics techniques will be exploited to address risk stratification and early detection, based on lifestyles analysis in ageing population.
  • COPD exacerbations management: Machine learning techniques will be used to implement apps that predict exacerbations and avoid hospitalizations.
  • Predictive modelling of glycaemic status in Diabetes: GATEKEEPER will provide a solution based on data federation in order to identify the different modes of the underlying glucose metabolism.
  • Predicting readmissions and decompensations in Heart Failure (HF): Telemonitoring services and machine learning will be harnessed to implement an advanced model for predicting acute HF decompensations.
  • Multi-chronic elderly patient management including polimedication: Different technologies will be taken into account in order to adjust individual care plans and integrate digital coaching systems to assist polymedicated patients