Community of Interest

Who we are?

The Gatekeeper Community of Interest (CoI) brings together and structures a network of stakeholders across Europe that work or are interested in the healthcare and technology offering portfolio. It is a network of key stakeholders interested in following the developments of the project and as such, attracted by topics at the crossroads of healthcare, artificial intelligent and big data.

The CoI has been initiated by communicating about GATEKEEPER among all the partners networks last September 2020. It keeps growing, as more and more stakeholders hear about the project!

The Gatekeeper Community of Interest aims to connect the large network of stakeholders to foster learning, encourage collaboration, and offer an opportunity for creative problem-solving and innovation.

Communities of Interest (CoI), or interest-based communities, are groups of people who share a specific topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in the topic by interacting on an ongoing basis for information exchange and to develop relationships with peers and stakeholders.  

Our CoI is thus especially appealing for stakeholders who might otherwise find it difficult to influence decisions, at a high-policy level, by supporting a more active participation in decisions as a first step to broader ‘bridging’ between different communities. Part of building trust at the local, national and European level is about linking empowerment to a wider process of learning and accepting the complex and the long-term nature of innovation in the health and care sector.

For whom?

Digital health companies

«We connect you with opportunities in the sector of digital health technologies»

If you are an entity providing digital health innovative products, services or solutions interested in extending your footprint, finding new customers and partners to improve Quality of Life and Healthcare, Gatekeeper Community of Interest is for you.

Find the types of organizations eligible for joining here.

Healthcare providers and individuals

«We guide you for innovating in digital health area»

If you are an entity providing healthcare services or a person interested in consuming, utilizing, accessing the most innovative healthcare products, services and solutions available in the Gatekeeper ecosystem, the CoI is for you.

Find the types of organizations eligible for joining here.

Regulatory entities and policy makers

«We are the bridge between you and the digital health companies»

There are many other types of entities providing value to the healthcare ecosystem in Europe from perspectives different from technological companies or healthcare providers, such as user associations, regulatory entities, standardization organizations or policy makers. If you are an entity that have a specific interest in Gatekeeper platform and mission success, participate in the design of the strategy and help it grow:

Find the types of organizations eligible for joining here.

Why should you participate?

1. Online catalogue

It is the place to showcase and/or get to know first-hand different experiences/products/solutions and innovative services of digital health for the daily problems in health care, in a simple and user-friendly way, You would be able to publicize your solutions, as well as contact other companies that have complementary solutions or find the right product or servce for your challenge.

2. Sharing needs

It’s the best place to know all these solutions and companies in a structured way, as well as share your needs or interests.

3. A community adds value to your interests 

Whether you’re a large business, a health and care provider, a policy maker or an entrepreneur, a community can act as a valuable resource. It’s a place where you can easily find information and answers to your most pressing questions. 

4. A focus group for innovation 

Multiple stakeholders coming together will allow you, as participants, to see the needs and interests of the other organisations in the value-chain.  

5. Find the competitive edge 

The inputs from others and the connections established within the CoI will favour discussions around unique niche experiences. Maybe there is something different about your organisation that you can use to influence policy making and innovation.

6. The CoI members 

Say hello to the most innovative companies in healthcare. A bunch of professionals with different backgrounds willing to leave the comfort zone and to make digital health transformation happen. Happy to have you on board!

If you want to enjoy the benefits of belonging to the Gatekeeper ecosystem,


It will be a place for organizations already engaged in the community that wants to offer, publish, or communicate their solutions, products, or services (in case of the digital health companies); Or share their interest and needs (in case of health organizations, regulatory entities and/or policy makers).

Transparent and eHealth focused
The eGatekeeper Hub will be an online catalogue featuring different types of actors: SMEs, investors, healthcare organizations, legal and regulatory service providers, healthcare companies, etc. By identifying the key European eHealth actors, the Members Hub Platform aims to enhance transparency in the sector and enable stakeholders’ interaction to promote and accelerate business growth.

Find what you are looking for
Do you want to know the offer in European digital health? Looking for a technological partner to collaborate with? Come and find them all!

Be discovered
Increase your company visibility. More than 50 players are in the platform and will have access to your information. Create a profile, state what you are looking for. It is the place to be!

Stay tuned to the eGATEKEEPER Hub launching!


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Col Webinars

The GATEKEEPER Community of Interest (CoI) brings together the stakeholders from all around Europe to work together on the most relevant topics across the  healthcare, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data domains.

The purpose of this growing ecosystem is to connect network of partners, learn from each other and participate in creative problem solving and innovation around 4 territories or areas of interest:

  • People: This is a space of discussion and experience exchange focused on the citizen needs for a healthy living and ageing, and the challenges faced by healthcare providers in order to cover these needs.
  • Solutions: This is a space of discussion and experience exchanges focused on healthcare data space and AI services in GK.
  • Business: This is a space of discussion and experience exchange upon new business models and opportunities created by GK for innovation, AI and data sharing in the health care domain.
  • Data and regulations: This is a space focused on certification of data processing for e-health.

To continue supporting our ecosystem, we want to offer our external members the opportunity to take part in the project, so we are delighted to announce that the GATEKEEPER Community of Interest is holding its 2nd Digital Workshop under the Business territory on Thursday 3rd of March from 3:00pm. CET to 4:00pm.
During this session you will be able to exchange insights on the business and exploitation approach of GATEKEEPER between the stakeholders engaged in the Community of Interest and business representatives of the project under the following topics.

  • Intro to GATEKEEPER exploitation design strategy
  • Strategy for the Platform and technology assets exploitation
  • Strategy for Health Data Federation
  • The GATEKEEPER multisided platform model of marketplaces
  • Proposed format of the future workshops and possible calendar of topics and dates
  • Discussion with all participants

To be a day about all the activities planned for members join the community. Register Here.

Click here for joining the 2nd Digital Workshop under the Business territory on Thursday 3rd of March.

Have a look to the first GATEKEEPER Community of Interest Webinar!

During this session the 4 TERRITORIES were presented by the CoI Team! Moreover, the organizations taking part of the community shared first-hand their the experiences, products, solutions and innovative digital health services around the most prevalent diseases/conditions. Join us in the digital transformation of healthcare and play to know more about this immerse an interactive stakeholder workshop.

Stay tuned to future sessions!