CoI Activities

The GATEKEEPER Community of Interest (CoI) brings together the stakeholders from all around Europe to work together on the most relevant topics across the healthcare, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data domains.

The purpose of this growing ecosystem is to connect network of partners, learn from each other and participate in creative problem solving and innovation around 4 territories or areas of interest:


This is a space of discussion and experience exchange focused on the citizen needs for a healthy living and ageing, and the challenges faced by healthcare providers in order to cover these needs.


This is a space of discussion and experience exchanges focused on healthcare data space and AI services in Gate Keeper.


This is a space of discussion and experience exchange upon new business models and opportunities created by GK for innovation, AI and data sharing in the health care domain.

Data and regulations

This is a space focused on certification of data processing for e-health.

Get ready to step into a world of innovation with GATEKEEPER!

Thank you for being a valuable community member for the past years. It has been our pleasure to connect with all of you and take your valuable feedback to enhance the GATEKEEPER project. 

Now we are thrilled to announce the launch of our comprehensive ecosystem that will help you accelerate your innovation and economic journey. Our platform has been developed and enhanced by our team of experts who have worked tirelessly to bring you the tools you need to succeed.

There is a lot to share, and we have designed a series of workshops to get everyone geared up. Please note some key workshop dates below, and don’t forget to register:

 • Elevator pitch – March (Celebrated) 

• Platform workshop – April (Upcoming session)

• GATEKEEPER AI Services workshop – April (Upcoming session)

• Data Service workshop – May

• Training & Education Service workshop – June

Upcoming session at the GK Community- Platform workshop in April. STAY TUNED!

Have a look to the first GATEKEEPER Community of Interest Webinar!