CoI Activities

The GATEKEEPER Community of Interest (CoI) brings together the stakeholders from all around Europe to work together on the most relevant topics across the healthcare, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data domains.

The purpose of this growing ecosystem is to connect network of partners, learn from each other and participate in creative problem solving and innovation around 4 territories or areas of interest:


This is a space of discussion and experience exchange focused on the citizen needs for a healthy living and ageing, and the challenges faced by healthcare providers in order to cover these needs.


This is a space of discussion and experience exchanges focused on healthcare data space and AI services in Gate Keeper.


This is a space of discussion and experience exchange upon new business models and opportunities created by GK for innovation, AI and data sharing in the health care domain.

Data and regulations

This is a space focused on certification of data processing for e-health.

To continue supporting our ecosystem, we want to offer our external members the opportunity to take part in the project, so we are delighted to announce that the GATEKEEPER Community of Interest is holding its 2nd Digital Workshop under the Business territory on Thursday 3rd of March from 3:00pm. CET to 4:00pm.

  • Intro to GATEKEEPER exploitation design strategy

  • Strategy for the Platform and technology assets exploitation

  • Strategy for Health Data Federation

During this session you will be able to exchange insights on the business and exploitation approach of GATEKEEPER between the stakeholders engaged in the Community of Interest and business representatives of the project under the following topics.

  • The GATEKEEPER multisided platform model of marketplaces

  • Proposed format of the future workshops and possible calendar of topics and dates

  • Discussion with all participants

To be a day about all the activities planned for members join the community.

Have a look to the first GATEKEEPER Community of Interest Webinar!

Activities related
with the CoI

Within the business territory of the GATEKEEPER Community of Interest, we have developed a space of discussion and experience exchange upon new business models and opportunities created by GATEKEEPER for innovation. With this objective, we are currently analysing how GATEKEEPER can contribute to foster the implementation of Public Procurement of Innovation of data driven services and solutions for chronic disease management. Therefore, we are defining different features that GATEKEEPER could implement to foster the implementation and success of those PPIs; and we will like to have your feedback about the proposed features that we would like to include.

In order to receive your feedback, we have prepared an online form for you to decide which features will be interesting for your organization. It is a short form that can be completed in 5-7 minutes anonymously.

Your feedback will be really valuable to the future exploitation of the GATEKEEPER services and solutions.

Thanks for your collaboration.