"IoT & AI for Sustainable Global Health and Wellbeing" Bootcamp

The «IoT & AI for Sustainable Global Health and Wellbeing» bootcamp, held in September 2023 at Jesus College, Cambridge University, provided a platform for the GATEKEEPER project to exhibit its significant advancements. In collaboration with partners like Medtronic and Samsung, the project demonstrated its contributions to global health and wellbeing.

Participants from eight countries immersed themselves in the fundamentals of AI and IoT, focusing on their applications in health and wellbeing over the three-week bootcamp. Led by Leandro Pecchia, GATEKEEPER’s Large-Scale Pilot Manager, and Claudia Peverini, Program Director at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, the program included theoretical lectures, practical labs, teamwork activities, and a hackathon addressing pressing health issues.

Collaborating with entities like EAMBES, the IEEE Sensors Council Italy Chapter, and the Giuseppina Mai Foundation, the bootcamp also received contributions from program partners such as A3Cube Inc., DXC Technology, ENAV, IBM, and Intesa Sanpaolo. Through its participation, the GATEKEEPER project showcased its commitment to promoting sustainable global health and wellbeing through innovative technology.

The vision of a federated multicentric approach GATEKEEPER. Large scale Pilot experience

Leandro Pecchia – GATEKEEPER Large-Scale Pilot Manager – University of Warwick

In this webinar series Leandro Pecchia, GK LSP Project Manager and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at The University of Warwick talks about the main objective of this vision which is to define, manage and execute LSP activities at the different pilot sites. It will establish and consolidate the different Use Cases across Europe enabling the deployment of digital solutions for early detection and intervention and supporting risk stratification models.

Gatekeeper Technical platform. An overview of the current status

Eugenio Gaeta – GATEKEEPER Platform Manager – Universidad Polítécnica de Madrid

Eugenio Gaeta, GATEKEEPER platform manager from Universidad Polítécnica de Madrid and Manager Cluster Platform talks to us in this webinar about one of his areas of expertise: the. This platform implemented through a fault-tolerant, secure, flexible and scalable microservices infrastructure, based on open source and data standards, it is built on W3C-Web of Things reference architectural models and including services referred to the health domain through HL7-FHIR and the home domain through SAREF.

GATEKEEPER WEBINAR - Approach to a sustainable business

Sergio Guillén – Deputy Project Coordinator and Business Cluster Manager MYSPHERA

Marta Perez – Ecosystem and Open Call Leader
Medtronic Ibérica

Rohit Ail – Innovation Manager 

Francisco Lupiáñez – Impact Manager
Open Evidence

The mission of the Business Cluster is to conceive, design, formalize and set forth the Business Model and Exploitation Plan of GATEKEEPER to maximize the impact since the project start up with a time horizon of 5 years after the end. In this context, four managers explained the main pillars of the GATEKEEPER business strategy that has been addressed from the beginning of the project with the intention of being a game changer with a new parading on how to design compliant business in the health care sector.

Using HL7 FHIR in Gatekeeper

Giorgio Cangioli, PhD – Chair HL7 Italy

In this specifically webinar Giorgio describes how to use HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) for standardizing conventional and no conventional data and their semantic within Gatekeeper. FHIR resources are aimed to define the information contents and structure for the core information set, satisfying the majority of common use cases. The specification is the HL7 outstanding standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically.

Ethics and regulations of artifical intelligence in helth and care platforms

Pasquale Annichino  Ethical, Legal and Gender Issues Manager (ELGM)


The value of values in co-creation smarter living environments

Susan Van Hees, Carla Greubel & Alexander Peine

Utrecht University

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