2nd GK Open Call

The Gatekeeper second Open Call closed on October 28th, 2021. In total, 64 proposals were received, addressing the 4 challenges, with applicants from 16 countries across the world. were submitted through the Online platform.

We warmly thank all applicants for their interest and participation in our second Open Call, which make it a success of participation!

13 external experts performed an independent evaluation of proposal across the evaluation criteria defined in the call and ranked the proposals accordingly. The evaluation was completed and reported to the project on the last week of October 2021We would like to thank the evaluators for their tremendous effort over these weeks.

Having completed the evaluation, we are pleased to inform the top 7 list to be candidate for funding and incorporation into the GATEKEEPER project.

Winner’s challenge 1

Winner’s challenge 3

Winner’s challenge 4

More than 500 people pre-registered through the website receiving finally an impressive number of 64 proposals, with applicants from 16 countries across the world, The result of the call is as follows:

Number of proposals received by country:

Number of proposals received by challenge:

Number of proposals received per use case:

The list of the new use cases addressed

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and frailty risk conditions in older people receiving home care services
  • AI-Based motor/behavioral assessment of neurological patients
  • ML and AI to the new medical device prototype – biomedical electronic system for post-stroke monitoring
  • Cognitive decline in elderlies
  • Gastric Cancer
  • Early detection and disease complications prevention based on Osler
  • Eating disorder diseases and obesity
  • Promotion of mental health, wellbeing, and resilience
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Dyspnea event in a contest of palliative home care
  • Homecare use-case and test the interoperability with other international solutions
  • Epilepsy
  • NHIL (Noise-Induced Hearing Loss) at the workplace
  • Most common chronic pathologies that generate greatest disabilities (cervical, lumbar and shoulder pathologies).musculoskeletal disorders
  • Depression and anxiety

Number of Entities.

The interest generated through the call is very impressive. Organizations such Public Health Authority , Hospitals or SME have been interested or have participated in this call.

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