Aragon (Spain)

to the pilot

GATEKEEPER project in Aragón is an opportunity to evolve the chronic patient care model through integrated social and health care. In this progression, automatic analysis of patient data is expected to contribute to the main two goals of quality of life improvement and resources optimization.



The final goal of this pilot in Aragón is the improvement of the care quality and contribution to the sustainability of the public system of care services provision.

Target population

The pilot that is going to be executed in Aragón is organized around three levels of complexity of patients (prevention, medium complexity – stable chronic patients, and high complexity- chronic patients in acute phases). Moreover, two additional use cases have been designed for COVID-19 patients who are in risk of suffering complications due to their situation, but not so critical to be admitted to hospital.

Technologies to be used

  • Telemonitoring devices and telemonitoring platform
  • Smartwatch
  • Wearable patch
  • Data Federation Module
  • Predictive Models
  • Patient app

Expected impact

Improvement of the quality of care (e.g. users satisfaction QoL, early detection of exacerbations), and optimization of care resources (e.g. reduce admissions, reduce visits to emergency services, reduce admissions length)

Ongoing activities

  • The mid complexity use case pilot started in October 2020 and almost 100 patients have been recruited so far. 
  • The COVID use cases are in the phase of the validation of the technology.

Pilot Site Team

Innovation Unit of the Barbastro Health Sector


Aragon Pilot Overview