Aragon (Spain)

Aragon is an inland region located in the northeast of Spain, composed of the provinces of Huesca, Zaragoza and Teruel, in which its population is about 1.3 M of people. SALUD is the public provider of the healthcare services in this and it covers all assistance levels: primary, specialized, socio sanitary and mental health. Within it, Barbastro Healthcare Area (BHCA) is responsible for the public health care services in the eastern half of the Spanish province of Huesca which provides health care services to 110.000 inhabitants. Regarding elderly people (which stands at 21.7%), SALUD-BHCA was awarded as Reference Site in 2016 by the EIP on AHA. 

SALUD-BHCA has worked in a very active manner in the last fifteen years in the deployment of several ehealth solutions in the sector. In this context, SALUD will contribute towards the GATEKEEPER ecosystem co-creation from the healthcare institution perspective with the participation of management roles, healthcare workers and patients, supporting technology validation and applying standardization, regulations and certifications. 

The Reference Use Cases piloted in Aragon PS:

  • Lifestyle-related early detection and interventions: Big Data Analytics techniques will be exploited to address risk stratification and early detection, based on lifestyles analysis in ageing population.
  • COPD exacerbations management: Machine learning techniques will be used to implement apps that predict exacerbations and avoid hospitalizations.
  • Predicting readmissions and decompensations in Heart Failure (HF): Telemonitoring services and machine learning will be harnessed to implement an advanced model for predicting acute HF decompensations.
  • Multi-chronic elderly patient management including polimedication: Different technologies will be taken into account in order to adjust individual care plans and integrate digital coaching systems to assist polymedicated patients.