Introduction to the pilot

The Basque Country pilot site is formed by the Kronikgune and Biocruces Bizkaia research centres, and Osakidetza Basque Health Service. The pilot is organized around three levels of condition complexity (low, moderate and high) and it is involved in five use cases. 

Kronikgune is responsible for the low complexity (risk level 1) use case related to early detection and lifestyle interventions, and the moderate complexity (risk level 2) use case focused on the management of multi-chronic elderly patients and polypharmacy.

Biocruces Bizkaia coordinates the uses cases of moderate (risk level 2) and high complexity (risk level 3) that are led by specialized clinical Services from Osakidetza corresponding to Stroke, Diabetes type II and Parkinson’s Disease.



The Basque Country pilot site aims to improve the healthcare service quality by improving the quality of life of patients and also the self-management of the disease by the patients and caregivers. In turn, this will reduce the burden on the healthcare system and lead to a better use of resources, contributing to the sustainability of the public system of care services provision.

Target population

The pilot will focus on the symptoms, disorders and/or functional capacity of 11,300 people over 50 to assess the impact of the novel solutions on primary (occurrence of disease), secondary (early detection) and tertiary (reduce complications) prevention.

Technologies to be used

  • Lifestyle-related early detection and interventions (Low complexity):
    –    Mobile health application to promote healthy lifestyles (MAHA)
  • Multi-chronic elderly patient management including polimedication (Moderate complexity):
    –    Website platform to detect innapropriate prescription (CheckTheMeds) 
    –    Mobile health application to enhace adherence to treatment (My Treatment)
  • Primary and secondary stroke prevention (Moderate complexity):
    –    Smartwatch: Galaxy Active 3 (SAMSUNG)
    –    Daily Activity Monitoring System at Home for partterns analysis
    –    Virtual Reality Glasses (TECNALIA)
  • Diabetes: predictive modelling of glycaemic status (High complexity):
    –    Smartwatch: Galaxy Active 3 (SAMSUNG)
    –    Continuous glucose monitoring sensor: FreeStyle Flash System (ABBOTT)
  • Parkinson’s disease treatment DSS (High complexity):
    –    Smartwatch: Galaxy Active 3 (SAMSUNG)
    –    Holter for Parkinson’s Disease: STAT-ON (S4C)

Expected impact

The Basque Country pilot site expects a progressive recruitment of volunteers that will help contribute to the demonstration of the impact of the novel technological solutions on the self-management of the disease and their autonomy and independence. It will also contribute to the adherence to treatment and therefore the delay of associated diseases and the reduction of adverse effects. A better quality of life of patients should also lead to fewer complications and less dependence on the health system, such as hospital admissions and visits to the GP, specialist or accident and emergency department.

Ongoing activities

  • Promoting and engaging organizations and entities to participate in the Basque Country interventions. The aim is to encourage people to participate throught the  in health care centres, ederly people  associations and centres for the elderly, healthy ageing programmes or online tools (website, social media, whatsapp campaings and other)
  • Engaging professionals coming from health, social and community setting.
  • Preparing the material for the training of professionals and dissemination materials for promoting the intervention.
  • Dissemination of the Basque Country Use Cases in international conferences such as ICIC2021, International Congress on Integrated Care .
  • Scientific seminars: ‘Co-creating futures for better aging at home’.

Pilot site team

Kronikgune- Institute for Health Service Research

Biocruces Bizkaia Health Research Institute / Platform of Scientific Coordination


Kronikgune – Institute for Health Service Research:

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Biocruces Bizkaia Health Research Institute:

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OSIEEC, Osakidetza – Basque Health Service

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