UK Pilot, Bangor: a vision for supporting cancer survivals

The pilot team have invested months of intense work on preparing the study protocol, and defining a vision for sustainable innovation in supporting cancer survivals remotely, during the time that they are readapting to normal life. This period marks an important milestone for the Bangor study on digital coaching for cancer survivals, as we have been able to identify and summarise several competing needs: the need for more support beyond the treatments; limitations of staff and budget; limitations of current technologies; and the costs of sophisticated solutions.

In a nutshell, the study will test a new digital coaching system based on commercially-available technologies. Samsung’s Health App and Watch will provide timely recommendations based on the personal assessment of the care team. The recommendations included in the discharge letter sent to the GP will be transformed into a personalised intelligent system. This will guide and support patients in the adoption of such recommendations and addressing the challenges related to typical symptoms connected to treatments. It is through sustained collaboration, and passionate dedication, with the Bangor Hospital Cancer Unit that we have achieved this work. The collaborative team includes: Dr Md Pasquale Innominato and Wendy Saxton, specialists on nutrition Md Ruth Edwards and Md, Solah Rasheed, specialist on physical activity Dr Md Jamie Macdonad of the University of Bangor, Dr Carlo Allocca of Samsung UK and Dr Alessio Antonini of the Open University specialist in Artificial Intelligence and web technologies, and the input of the volunteers of the North-Wales Cancer Forum.