Talking with the Gatekeeper pilot sites – Milton Keynes, UK

We have a chat with the Milton Keynes pilot site team in the UK to take a look at the innovative activities being carried out there, including the launch of an innovative app that will promote independence and wellbeing for the local community.

What is your main objective? 

The objective of the Milton Keynes pilot is two-fold. Firstly, in collaboration with the Woughton Community Council, we aim to develop, test and pilot solutions for supporting the coordination of the community caregivers and volunteers, addressing requests concerning activities of daily living, from the adult population, but also all member of the community in need. Secondly, the pilot will focus on supporting independent living at home of the adult population using a combination of smart technologies (i.e. app and wearable), a robot for home assistance and remote presence of caregivers and family members

What is the target population?

The pilot of Milton Keynes is open to all of the population living in the area. 

What technologies will you be using in the Milton Keynes Pilot Site? 

The technologies being used in the Milton Keynes pilot include: 

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Samsung ActiveAge App for early detection and risk assessment related to social isolation
  • Tiago PAL Robot
  • MK Communities App for the Coordination of Local Caregivers and Volunteers

What is the expected impact of the pilot activities? 

We expect to support the outreach of Woughton Community Council’s activities to more people in need and to be able to provide a scalable solution to replicate the same community-based approach in other areas of Milton Keynes and in the UK.

For more information about the work being carried out at the Milton Keynes pilot site, follow them on twitter:

  • Milton Keynes Twitter: @GATEKEEPER_UK