Konstantinos Votis

Security & Privacy Manager (S&PM)

Researcher Grade C' & Director of Visual Analytics Lab at CERTH/ITI / Visiting professor De Montfort University / EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum WG member

Profesional Profile

He is a post-doctoral research fellow (Researcher grade C’) of the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) at the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Director of the Visual Analytics Laboratory, Head of the Blockchain Technologies Lab and Member of the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum. His research interests include Human Computer Interaction, Information Visualisation and Management of Big Data, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Knowledge engineering and decision support systems, as well as pervasive computing, with major application areas such as m-Health, eHealth, and personalized healthcare. Since 2012 he was appointed by the Corallia cluster (Hellenic Technology Clusters initiative) as a technical and administrative evaluator for some of the activities of the projects Innovative sensor systems offering distributed intelligence (MEMSENSE), Next Generation Millimeter Wave Backhaul Radio (NexGenMiliWave), Microelectronics Components for Lab -On-Chip Instruments in Molecular Diagnostics for Genetics and Environmental Applications (Lab-On-Chip). He has published scientific articles on human-technology interaction and visualisation (AR, VR, information visualisation with visual analytics), mobile and ambient technologies as well as human-centred design. Since 2001, he has been involved in several R&D projects related to the proposal technologies (P-REACT, SAVEME, COG, KWFGRID, ACCESSIBLE, VERITAS, ATIS4ALL, APSIS4ALL, CLOUD4ALL, CLEAR, NoTremor, OCARIOT, easyTV, ACROSSING, GHOST, INVITE). He is the technical coordinator of FP7 NoTremor, myAirCoach H2020, Caregivers-PRO H2020, Greek pilot Leader and WP leader in Large scale IOT project ACTIVAGE. He has co-authored more than 100 publications for international journals and international conferences and events.


He is responsible for the achievement of the overall project objectives, ensuring that the required security and privacy by design requirements are met; He will support Security and privacy management and continuously assess security trends and needs to adjust development of technological roadmaps and support services from the Gatekeeper accordingly. He ensures that the desired level of confidentiality and integrity within Gatekeeper deliverables is applied as well as associated security measures. He is assessing the presence of sensitive/confidential content and of the potential dual-use of specific Gatekeeper technologies to establish the appropriate classification and dissemination levels of Gatekeeper deliverables