Bangor Pilot

In a commendable effort to enhance community health and support independent living, Bangor has embarked on an innovative pilot project that aims to redefine caregiving and volunteer coordination. This initiative, developed in collaboration with the local community council, leverages cutting-edge technology to assist all members of the community, particularly focusing on adults in need of support for activities of daily living. Here, we delve into the objectives, target population, technologies in use, and the expected impact of the Bangor Pilot Project, setting a precedent for community-driven care and technology integration.

The Bangor Pilot Project is guided by a dual objective aimed at fostering a supportive, interconnected community:

  • Enhance Caregiver and Volunteer Coordination

 In partnership with the local community council, the project endeavors to develop, test, and pilot innovative solutions to streamline the coordination of community caregivers and volunteers. This initiative targets the efficient management of requests related to activities of daily living, benefiting not only the adult population but all community members in need.

  • Support Independent Living

A key focus of the pilot is to promote independent living among the adult population in Bangor. By employing a mix of smart technologies, including applications and wearables, alongside home assistance robots and remote caregiver and family member presence, the project aims to empower individuals to live independently, ensuring they have the necessary support and assistance.

Target Population

The Bangor Pilot Project is universally inclusive, welcoming participation from the entire Bangor area population. This broad target demographic underscores the project’s commitment to supporting a wide range of community members, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility in its approach to health and independent living.

Technologies to be Used

To achieve its ambitious objectives, the Bangor Pilot Project is deploying an array of sophisticated technologies:

– Samsung Galaxy Watch: A wearable device to monitor health and activity levels, offering vital data for early detection and intervention.

– Samsung ActiveAge App: A mobile application designed for early detection and risk assessment related to social isolation, ensuring timely support for those at risk.

– Tiago PAL Robot: An advanced robot for home assistance, providing physical support and companionship, enhancing the daily living experience of individuals.

– Spirocco’s App: A dedicated application for the coordination of local caregivers and volunteers, streamlining the process of requesting and offering help within the community.

Expected Impact

The Bangor Pilot Project is poised to make significant strides in community health and well-being:

– Expanded Outreach: By enhancing the coordination of caregivers and volunteers, the project expects to extend the reach of the local community council’s activities, supporting more individuals in need.

– Scalable Solutions: The project aims to deliver a scalable model that can be replicated in other areas of Bangor, Milton Keynes, and potentially across the UK. This model focuses on leveraging community-based approaches to address the challenges of social isolation and support independent living.

– Enhanced Quality of Life: Through the use of smart technologies and the support of caregivers and volunteers, the project anticipates a notable improvement in the quality of life for the adult population and all community members in need, fostering a more connected and supportive community environment.

The Bangor Pilot Project stands as a testament to the power of technology combined with community spirit to create meaningful change. By focusing on the dual objectives of enhancing caregiver coordination and supporting independent living, Bangor sets an example for communities everywhere, showcasing how innovation and compassion can work hand in hand to improve lives.