GATEKEEPER, a groundbreaking European initiative, has actively engaged in several key events and conferences, underscoring our commitment to revolutionizing smart living environments and healthcare delivery.

Our participation in these events has been pivotal in promoting our vision of leveraging advanced Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to enhance the quality of life for Europe’s ageing populations.


We participated in the insightful talk by @IEEEembsVat at #EMBC23. We discussed the future of healthcare, emphasizing the importance of #AI, #IoT, #BigData, and #MachineLearning. Large-Scale Pilots (#LSPs) were highlighted as the foundation for testing these technologies and elevating #DigitalHealthcare. 

Radical Health Festival Helsinki

Paula Currás from @MedtronicES represented our project at the #RadicalHealth Festival in Helsinki. 


Privacy Symposium

We supported the 1st edition of the #InternationalPrivacySymposium in Venice from April 5 to 7, 2022. This @PrivSymposium conference aimed to foster international dialogue and knowledge sharing on #dataprotection. 



Join us for the upcoming session on the #IoT for sustainable healthy societies. Experts discussed #IoT innovations for the European Health #Data Space at the Croke Park Conference Centre – Canal Café. 

3rd and 4th Digital Health Society Summit

We showcased our project at our exhibition booth during the 4th Digital Health Society Summit. 

Life Sciences Forum/ Gesundheitsforum Healthy Saxony

CCS presented the Gatekeeper project and the pilot study URSUS-GK (RUC 7) at a stand. Information material (flyers) with the GK logo were displayed.

Science Technology and Society hub Aachen

Scientific paper presentation on collaboration between UU and other GATEKEEPER partners, with focus on methodological approach.


We held a lecture discussing how artificial intelligence is transforming evidence generation in healthcare. 

Terapie digitali, robotica e innovazione tecnologica in medicina

We discussed the role of digital innovation and artificial intelligence in healthcare in our lecture. 

Age and Care Graz 2023 Aging in a Caring Society? Theories in Conversation

Presentation on technology non-use, based on data collected during fieldwork in GATEKEEPER pilot regions and a city service in Barcelona.

36th Annual Plenary, Working Group Meeting and FHIR Connectathon, Mobile Health (MH) WG Meeting

We presented to the HL7 Mobile Health (MH) Working Group about the GATEKEEPER FHIR IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE. 

EFMI MIE (Medical Informatics Europe) 2023

We participated in a workshop where the GATEKEEP FHIR IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE was introduced as an initial step towards an international guide for health activity in the EHDS. 

IOT Solutions World Congress (Digital Summit) 2020

 A new and exciting virtual event, which we attended with a session on the AI framework and its applicability to multiple sectors, such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, smart buildings, healthcare, energy and the military.

My Data Online 2020 Conference

 Participation in Gatekeeper MyData Online 2020, which brought together at least 1,000 professionals for three days, from December 10 to 12.

ICT 2020: Leading the Digital Age

We joined the event hosted by the European Commission in Cologne, Germany, emphasizing the digital age’s leadership. 


We participated in the HTAi 2020 Annual Virtual Meeting, focusing on Health Technology Assessment’s role in enhancing patient outcomes. 

Knowledge Media Institute, Open University UK

Research seminar, presenting results from my fieldwork in the GATEKEEPER pilots in Italy and the UK.