Cathedra MYSPHERA: «Transition to COVID-19 to new normal»

4 webinars on the changes that society has undergone with the pandemic and the role that health digitisation has played and will play in the future
If there is clear evidence that the global health crisis that we have experienced in recent months is leaving its mark, it is the need to evolve. This progress is necessary both on a social level and in a sector that has been key at the most critical moments of the pandemic, health. A situation that has highlighted the inevitable progress that we must make with digitalisation and technology. Elements which up until now have been within our reach, but which, in many areas, such as health, have not been exploited to the full.
It is precisely on this issue that the 4 MYSPHERA webinars are based:
– Contact Tracing – Initiatives for the detection, containment and traceability of infections
– Impact of COVID-19 on Global Healthcare Systems
– Elderly homecare and Active Aging European Initiatives after COVID-19
– ICT as a protective element against new pandemics in the health sector
Throughout these 4 web seminars, different members of MYSPHERA and the UPV will moderate these digital talks together with personalities and professionals from different entities and companies from the health and technology sector such as SITUM, Telefónica, Hospital 12 de Octubre, NB-23 or Air Liquide.
These are very valuable testimonies that will help to analyse both the current situation and the expected future after overcoming the pandemic, not only on a national level, but also on a global level. To gather this experience and vision, two of these web seminars will be in English with the presence of professionals of different nationalities.