3rd Annual Health IT Conference 2020

New innovative digital solutions that incorporate the new needs of the time and compose the new model of health and care policy

The conference institution for Informatics and e-Health, focuses  on the strengthening of  e-Government,  the  strategy  for  e-Health  and the  National Interoperability Framework  between the providers of Health services. It focuses on strengthening aspects of  Administrative Information  and  P. similarity  and  presented delineated IT projects. During the conference,  IT executives from hospitals  &  health  districts  will present new projects that help upgrade the digital transformation.

Topics for discussion

Innovation in Digital Health Policy

  • E-Health Strategy
  • Interoperability
  • Electronic Applications in Hospitals
  • Procedures, Quality and Auditing in the Health Sector


The conference aims to bring together the executives of Administration, Informatics and Quality of Hospitals, Health Regions & health agencies in general, in a strategic dialogue with the Ministry of Health and the market , with the aim of analyzing new ways to upgrade the IT of Hospitals and the use of modern information and communication technologies to meet the needs of citizens, patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers.